Kasasa Champions Conference: A Grass-Roots Movement

Kasasa Champions Conference — empowering institutions to change at a grass-roots level

The first annual Kasasa Champions Conference happened November 4 – 6 here in Austin, Texas. More than 50 institutions attended, including over 100 Kasasa Champions and Executive Sponsors — so many in fact, that we ran out of room and regrettably were forced to turn people away.

The conference theme was “Championing Change,” and over the course of the event attendees explored the infrastructure and processes needed to implement and troubleshoot crucial changes within their retail sales culture. Attendees heard keynote speeches from our executive team and participated in Q&A panels and small-group exercises.

We encourage every institution we partner with to appoint a Kasasa Champion. This person’s role is to keep service and sales skills polished and top of mind, maintaining an optimal customer or member experience, as well as ensuring that your institution gets the most out of the resources Kasasa offers.

Working with hundreds of community banks and credit unions, we’ve found that a Kasasa Champion can make all the difference in helping your institution achieve optimal profitability.

Everything Went Even Better Than Expected!

Although the conference was designed to transfer valuable insight from Kasasa leaders like CEO Gabe Krajicek, CMO Keith Brannan, and VP of Retail Melissa Thinger, there was a side-benefit that surprised everyone: Kasasa Champions came together, forged new friendships, and began sharing hard-won insight from their own institutions.

You may already be familiar with the principle of co-opetition, where so-called “competitors” work together and everyone reaps the benefits. We were thrilled to see this idea coming to life at the conference. Who better than your peers to share in the daily trials and victories of running a community financial institution? There is something really special about watching our clients connect and strengthen each other.

Here are just a few comments from Kasasa Champions who attended the event in November:

  • “This was one of the best conferences I have ever been to. I cannot wait to go back and excite the other team members.” – Kellie Bietsch
  • “Loved the conference. Hope our financial institution gets invited again next year. The amount of knowledge and ideas gained from this is invaluable.” – John Deare
  • “The Kasasa team’s energy & enthusiasm are refreshing! I cannot wait to go back to our team with everything I have learned. I am definitely re-energized!” – Michelle Dimpsey

2016 Conference Details Coming Soon!

The 2016 Kasasa Champions Conference hasn’t been announced yet, but rest assured we’re working hard to make it even better than last year’s.

If you aren’t sure if you have a Kasasa Champion, we encourage you to contact your Client Director. We’d be more than happy help you join the program and attend the 2016 conference.