Social Media Month Recap 2016


How do you stop being just a brand, and start a personal relationship with your fans and customers? After all, there are two parts to social media: social and media.  We started week one by diving into how banks and credit unions can be more social in an authentic way.

Humanizing Your Brand with Social Media 

We spoke with Mike Delgado of Experian on how he approached humanizing a brand. Ironically, this video chat was a great example of a tactic any community bank or credit union can replicate. Humanizing your brand is about putting your humans out there. Watch the full replay.

Reviews: Your Key to Getting Found and Creating Raving Fans 

You’re at home watching your favorite show and the idea pops into your head that maybe it’s time for a new TV. You whip our your phone and look at a few different options. The next day you head to the store and see even more options. You take out your phone again and start checking out reviews and compare prices. Once you buy the TV, you get online and post about how much you love it.

These are what Google calls “micro moments,” and this scenario demonstrates how reviews play an important role at every stage of the consumer’s purchase path. They help your bank or credit union be discovered, serve as social proof to prospects, and act as a platform for advocates.   

For an overview on why reviews are so important and strategies on managing them, check out our SlideShareTo claim your own pages, check out our guides to Yelp and Google.

Getting Started With Video Content 

People do business with people, not brands. Video is the best way to put a face to the name and connect with your fans in a human way… Video is also really tricky to pull off. In this chat with Margot Mazur from Wistia, we dive into how community banks and credit unions can start filming and setting a video content strategy. The main takeaways can be found here.  



So, you’re on social media. Now what? What does “success” look like and how do you get there?

You Have Fans, Now What?

Where does the number of likes intersect with making a profit? In this chat, Helen Lawrence of the Bank Social Conference talks about building a social media strategy that impacts business objectives. We discuss vanity metrics, how to measure what matters, and how to use social media metrics to inform and course correct your social media strategy. Check out the recap and takeaways.

Social Media Success On A Shoestring

We’re all held accountable, and while social media isn’t free – a lack of resources shouldn’t stop you from making a meaningful impact. Ray Rahmati of Spredfast joined us to look at how other community banks and credit unions are overcoming this hurdle. If you’re a team of one, then this recap is for you



Twitter is an untapped goldmine for community banks and credit unions. It’s a chance to connect directly with consumers and listen in on relevant conversations.  Week 3 was all about maximizing this channel.

Building Your Brand On Twitter 

If you build it, they will come? You know better. Your institution has been around for 100 years, and it took a lot of work to get it where it is today. The same holds true for building your brand on Twitter. 

Ashley Jacobs, Director of Marketing for Wisebread, joined us to discuss what tactics she used to grow Wisebread’s Twitter following to over 48,000 engaged fans and what impact that has had on their brand. See what she would do if she could only do one thing day to manage and grow her social brand.  

Creating a Top-Notch Visual Content Strategy 

Telling a story 140 characters at a time isn’t an easy task, which is why understanding how to use visual content is so important. Helen Lawrence of #BankSocial joined us to break down what makes a quality piece of visual content and arm us with free tools so that we can start producing content today.

Bonus: there is a limited time promo code to attend the 2016 Bank Social Conference at the end of the webinar. Download the webinar.

In this case study, we break down simple ways community financial institutions can leverage their customers, community, and surroundings to tell their brand's story.

Building a Social Organization

Who would you rather follow, Microsoft or Bill Gates? Thought leadership is a common goal for community banks and credit unions, but it’s one that is more easily achieved by an individual rather than a brand. Empower your people and you promote your brand. 

In this webinar, we hear from two people who are actually living this story, the Avidia Smarties. Katelin Cwieka and CarrieAnne Cormier joined us to talk about how they build an employee advocacy program at Avidia Bank and what tactics any community institution can begin employing today. The slides can be found here.

How Social Media Changed Citizens Bank of Edmond 

Having a hard time selling social media to the rest of your organization? Believing in the power of these platforms is critical to success, and there is no story that demonstrated this better than that of Citizens Bank of Edmond. 

Social media has been a crucial component of their business strategy and the results are truly incredible. We spoke with CEO Jill Castilla about where this idea came from, the path they’ve taken, and what is next for banks trying to do the same in 2016. See what you missed.



Our final week of Social Media Month was a short one, as we were all eager to get home and dive into a Thanksgiving feast. Before we did, we got the chance to speak with PR Agency William Mills about how to use social media for PR. In this chat we learned who to target, how to engage them, and the basics of a crisis communication plan that every community institution should have outlined. See the takeaways.

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Andrew Swinney
Andrew Swinney