Introducing The Client Success Team (CST)

Kasasa is constantly optimizing its support to ensure their clients are extremely successful with its products and services. Recently, Kasasa Client Directors have joined Kasasa Marketing Project Managers to create the Client Success Team!

The Client Success Team will be focusing on making sure every client achieves the results they’re looking for. Working hand-in-hand with the Regional Managers, The Client Success Team will gain a deeper understanding of all of the markets they serve. With greater knowledge of individual markets and the consumers in it, Kasasa can better tailor a financial institution's strategy.

Taken cumulatively, Kasasa’s clients represent the sixth largest branch network in the U.S. — with nearly 500 community financial institutions offering Kasasa’s reward checking accounts.

Their premium reward accounts give customers high-value incentives while encouraging behaviors that increase loyalty and profitability. Beyond their retail portfolio, Kasasa provides a significant marketing advantage to banks (2X media buying power) as well as data-driven consulting and customer experience training for frontline staff.