Kasasa: We’re More Than Just Checking Accounts

kasasa fintech more than just checking accounts

Today, the competition for market share is hotter than ever for community financial institutions. It’s not just megabanks that you have to compete with anymore — online banks and other FinTech startups are beginning to take their share of the market too.

For local banks and credit unions, new technology, data, and marketing make it possible to give consumers the modern products and services they expect. But as a community financial institution, you have a small budget and limited resources to help you reach your goals year after year. It’s a good thing there are plenty of vendors out there who can help you with product design, marketing, data, and training. While you might hear the word “Kasasa” and immediately think “reward checking accounts,” we actually provide a full ecosystem of innovative products to help you win in your market.


Compliance made easy


Compliance can be overwhelming and time-consuming, but Kasasa’s compliance generator makes it easy. RegGen takes the complexity and hassle out of creating account holder disclosures and marketing disclaimers for your Kasasa retail products and marketing campaigns.

Rather than taking hours to write and edit your disclosures and disclaimers, with just a few keystrokes you can create and customize required regulatory language across all of your products and promotional materials. With RegGen, you just answer a few questions about the product or piece of marketing collateral you’re creating and the generator quickly creates the compliance language you need.


Soup to nuts world-class marketing services


Today, the competition to attract profitable new account holders is high. In order to get the right consumers to notice you, deeply understanding your market while also keeping up with the latest marketing technology and data science is imperative. That’s why we developed a turnkey account acquisition program called ORB (optimized, results-based) marketing that bundles science, technology, and media costs into one simple solution.

Kasasa’s proprietary segmentation identifies consumers who are up to 3X more likely to open an account. Then we use that info to obtain high-quality prospect lists on your behalf and maintain the information for 12 months. You’ll have access to our award-winning, consumer-tested creative for your campaigns. Plus, our Lifecycle marketing programs help you stay connected with current account holders and maintain strong relationships. We’re so confident in ORB marketing that we have a built-in performance guarantee that can cover some of your fees.


Advanced data and analytics


To use data effectively you need a place to keep it, a way to secure it, a way to organize it, a way to access it, and a method to analyze it. Data requires always-on AI and machine learning. Implementing machine learning at a community financial institution is costly and laborious. Partnering with Kasasa lets you access data models developed on a large data set that would otherwise only be available to the largest financial institutions. Your institution will be able to utilize predictive analytics to reach consumers and compete with megabanks.


Ongoing training and mystery shopping


With some vendors, you might buy a product, get a few training videos sent to your inbox, and a helpline phone number you can call. With Kasasa, our Retail Experience Development team is there for you every step of the way. We provide you with the training and tools you need to drive and sustain retail success.

Our Retail Experience Consultants will visit you on site and work closely with your leadership team to make sure your Kasasa success is anchored by our Sales Culture Core Competencies and reinforced by our learning portal, the RED Channel. As part of our mystery shopping process, we’ll call your staff quarterly to assess their performance and provide you with a detailed report and call recordings that enable you to understand your team’s strengths and weaknesses.


The world’s first take-back loan


The Kasasa Loan® is the only loan with take-backs TM, and it’s transforming how borrowers think about lending. With this loan, borrowers have the flexibility to pay ahead on their loan, but access their extra payments if they need them later. Imagine a borrower taking out an auto loan for a gently used car. Then, the borrower gets a $1,000 bonus at work. Knowing that it is the wise move to pay down debt aggressively, they put the $1,000 toward the loan on top of their monthly payment. The next day, their transmission falls out and will cost $900 to replace. With the Kasasa Loan, borrowers can withdraw the extra money they just put towards their payment without suffering any penalty.

With a whole suite of innovative products, world-class marketing, comprehensive training, and actionable data, Kasasa helps community financial institutions stand out among the megabanks and the FinTech startups. Local banks and credit unions get more with Kasasa than a line of checking accounts consumers love.

To find the Kasasa solution that will help you meet your goals, contact us.

Amanda Reed

Amanda is a creative communicator who loves storytelling and great design. As a member of the Kasasa communications team, she spends her workdays writing, editing, and coordinating many aspects of PR/marketing. Her handwriting looks like it could be a font, and while she calls herself a Texan, her go-to fun fact is that she was born in Alaska.

3 Questions for Amanda:

  1. What does your pet do that makes you laugh?

    When it’s time for a walk or a meal, our boxer Bruiser jumps up and down and spins around in excitement. Our downstairs doesn’t have any carpet, so these moments often include adorable wipeouts.

  2. Are you a spender or a saver?

    Definitely a saver (thanks, Mom!). I’m a bargain hunter, sale shopper, and often spend too much time pushing off big financial decisions.

  3. What was your very first job?

    My very first job (besides babysitting here and there) was at Bath & Body Works. Many a paycheck was spent on lotions and candles.