As part of the Connect launch, we’ve been working on improvements to the platform’s user experience. And we have some exciting changes coming December 14th that we want to tell you about.

One of the first changes you’ll see is to the menu in Connect. We’ve streamlined the headers and dropdown options to be more intuitive. Instead of “Market”, you will now see the option “On-Demand Creative.” When you activate marketing programs within Connect, that’s when you’ll see the additional options for “Campaigns” and “My Institution Info.”

In addition, we’ve combined the two dropdowns formerly known as “Market a Product” and “Market Product Suite.” We’ll combine those two menus into one that is now called “Build an Asset.”  This is where you’ll go to customize downloadable creative with your logo and product information.

We’re also updating the Terms and Conditions so that they can be approved in Connect. This means that the next time you log in to the platform, you’ll see a pop-up that requires you to agree to Terms and Conditions before moving forward. The current Terms and Conditions can be accessed here so you can preview them before signing in.

To learn more about Connect, watch our quick video.



To activate marketing programs in Connect, please contact your Client Marketing Manager today.